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In City of Titans, the player will have six different Archetypes to choose from:

Stalwart (Protection/Tank) Ranger (Ranged Damage) Enforcer (Melee Damage) Guardian (Support) Operator - (Control) Commander (Pets)
Bastion - (Assault) Gunner - (Protection/Tank) Bodyguard - (Support) Sentinel - (Ranged Damage) Engineer - (Assault) Brigadier - (Support)
Bulwark - (Melee Damage) Hunter - (Manipulation) Gladiator - (Protection/Tank) Vindicator - (Assault) Director - (Support) Ringleader - (Manipulation)
Centurion - (Manipulation) Partisan - (Support) Striker - (Manipulation) Warden - (Manipulation) Executor - (Ranged Damage) Taskmaster - (Assault)
Indented bolded text indicates power sets that won't be available at launch.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In City of Titans, Players get to choose from six different Archetypes as well as a Specification. Upon choosing an Archetype and Specification, this will determine the Basic Playstyle of the player character and will then open up the ability to choose which Primary and Secondary Powerset you wish to use. It should be noted that while there are a planned six Archetypes to play, only five will be available at launch as the Pet Archetype (Commander) is planned to go live post-launch.

The five Archetypes (as listed in the chart above) are: Stalwart (Tank Class), Enforcer (Melee Class), Ranger (Ranged Class), Guardian (Support Class), and Operator (Control Class). Once the player has picked one of these five, they will then go on to choose their Primary Powerset. Following this, the player will choose a Specification (also listed in the chart above) and they include what is not in the bolded, indented text in the chart. Upon choosing a Specification, this will open up the ability to choose your Secondary Powerset.

Example: If one was to choose the Enforcer Archetype, you pick whichever Melee Powerset best fits your character/playstyle, then you choose the Gladiator Specification (as it is the only Spec class available) and then choose whatever Protection Powerset as your Secondary. Thus making this character in particular, an Enforcer/Gladiator Hero. Refer to the Power Sets page to info on what are the slated Power Sets for launch. 

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