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Overview[edit | edit source]

Mastery sets are a further mean of defining your character by selecting inherent abilities. There are 5 designed per Archetype, with 3 intended for launch.

Masteries are not a single selection, nor are they a single defining attribute. They are themselves a growth path for your character, a three tiered evolution. As you select, and evolve the mastery, it enables the role of your character to subtly shift in various ways. Characters get a total of 3 Mastery Slots by level 50 with Mastery selections beginning at level 5, your second Mastery being chosen at level 15 and then picking your final Mastery at level 25.

Each Mastery has three tiers for the Player to spec into or they can mix and match across the board in order to achieve the particular playstyle that they might be aiming for.

The Launch Masteries List[edit | edit source]

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