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Overview[edit | edit source]

In City of Titans, Players choose a Primary and Secondary Power Set which have a Basic Playstyle (Melee, Ranged, Control, Support, Protection, Summons). At creation, characters select from a list appropriate to the Basic Playstyle as determined by their Archetype and Specification (see Archetypes). These power sets consist of 9 tiers that unlock at certain levels, some tiers such as Tiers 3 and 7 can unlock two powers (of which you can only select one) while other tiers only unlock one power.

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Power Sets[edit | edit source]

Primary Power Sets are the most potent and define an Archetype’s essential role - every character gets one. Secondary Power Sets are somewhat less potent and define a secondary role and playstyle aspect for the player. Once again each character gets only one. Tertiaries are the weakest, but you can choose a wide range of them and any Archetype can use any Tertiary set.

Example: A character that is a Stalwart Archetype will have a Defensive, or Protection-based Primary Power Set like Invulnerability. If a Stalwart Archetype is wanting to spec into a Melee Secondary Set, they would then pick Bulwark as their Specification and choose from one of the Melee Power Sets such as Super Strength. 

The Launch Power Sets[edit | edit source]

Protection Melee Ranged Support Control
Atrophic Aura Fighting Prowess Atrophic Blast Barrier Generation Force Control
Grit Kinetic Melee Force Blast Devices Gravity Control
Invulnerability Massive Melee Lethality Preservation Illusion Contol
Solid Form Super Strength Psychic Blast Strategy Power Control
Super Agility Tactical Combat Vampiric Blast Vampiric Emanation Psychic Control

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