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Overview[edit | edit source]

A travel power is the method a hero uses to get from Point A to Point B in (usually) a short amount of time. The first travel power is accessed at level 1 during the character creation process. As of right now the travel powers at launch will consist of some of the more common methods of travel seen in comic books. Those ones being Flight, Super-Speed, Parkour (or Acrobatics), Super Jump, and Teleportation. Other travel abilities that have been confirmed, but aren't slated for launch include: Swinging, Grapnel (a variation of Swinging that consists of zip-lining) and Spider-Climb (or Wall-Climbing).

The current plan with travel powers is for you to be able to have a total of four through optional travel power slots by the time you are to reach the level cap (Level 50). You will also be able to use two travel powers at once to make a totally new type of travel power as well, (e.g. combining Wall-Climb with Super-Speed to create Wall-Running).

Travel powers also exist on their own leveling/progression track separate from combat powers, meaning that whatever points are put into enhancing or upgrading your travel powers, they don't take from the points used to enhance your combat abilities. There are also plans to hopefully have rideable vehicles for players to make use of as their travel powers, but for now this is only a pipe-dream and will likely creation post-launch.

Launch List of Travel Powers[edit | edit source]

Travel Powers
Super Jump
Super Speed